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Κυριακή, 5 Μαρτίου 2017

EA PSWK63 next 11-12 March

Πήρα από τον φίλο μου Joaquín, EA4ZB το παρακάτω mail με πληροφορίες για το EAPSK63 contest... όσοι έχετε χρόνο καλή επιτυχία... εγώ ακόμη είμαι ζορισμένος με την δουλειά... 

Hi dear Friend:
I’m Joaquín, EA4ZB, Contest Manager of EAPSK63, it's a pleasure for me to invite you to join the EAPSK63 contest 2017 which is to be held on 11th and 12th March.

Sponsored: by Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles (URE). The manager of the contest is EA4ZB.
Participants: Any licensed amateur station.
Date: 2nd full weekend of March, from 16:00 UTC Saturday till 16:00 UTC Sunday (March 11-12, 2017).
Mode: BPSK63.

Bands: 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 meters, according to IARU Region 1 band plan.
Log sending instructions: The log-file is to be submitted in Cabrillo-format via
The receipt of the log will be automatically confirmed by an email with a message of possible errors in the log.
Power: It is recommended to use an output power not exceeding 50 Watts, not to cause interferences to other participants

Complete official rules here:
You can submit your participation in this contest at
Hope to see you. Good luck:

73 de Joaquín EA4ZB
Contest Manager EAPSK63

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