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Τετάρτη, 2 Μαρτίου 2011

J47XCF Special Event Station for Xanthi Carnival Festival

The radioamateurs of Radio DX Group of Thrace (club call is SZ7XAN) celebrate the annual "Xanthi Carnival Festival" and invite all the radio friends around the world to get in touch with the special event station J47XCF !
Our station will be working using the following modes: SSB, CW, PSK31 and SSTV and will be operational during the period of time between 27 feb - 6 mar.
All of the stations that establish a QSO with us will receive direct if want a beautiful QSL card on which there will be illustrated the logo artwork of the 2011 Xanthi Carnival Festival. Furthermore, all of the incoming QSLs will be displayed on a QSL-wall to be shown to the XCF visitors for the next year's festival ! Needless to say that we would love to receive your QSL card and place it there ! In order to take a virtual internet tour of XCF you can visit this link which is also available in english language.
Above this, we would also like to let you know that a special designed award is available to all those stations that will submit a copy of their logbook (no QSLs needed, only log extract copy) proving 1 QSO with J47XCF and 2 QSOs with 2 different SV stations, on any band, any mode with no time restrictions . The award fee is 15 euros and all of the awards will be sent to their recipients after 12th of March. SWL's are also eligible for the award.
We are looking forward to meet you on the air and live up the XCF energy to the maximum !
Happy DXing de J47XCF team !
QSL policy: The QSL manager, Tilemahos SV7FSK will reply and handle all the direct QSLs to the postal address of our clubstation:
TILETHRA, P.O. Box 453, GR-67100 Xanthi, Greece

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