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Σάββατο, 4 Ιουνίου 2011

Σήμερα Σάββατο 4 και αύριο Κυριακή 5 Ιουνίου το IARU Region 1 HF Field Day σε CW

1. Aim of Contest
To establish two-way contacts between as many Field Day stations as possible in order to
train operators in operating under primitive conditions.
2. Period
CW: First full weekend of June from Saturday 1500 UTC to Sunday 1500 UTC.
SSB: First full weekend of September from Saturday 1300 UTC to Sunday 1300 UTC.
3. Sections
a. Open Section:
Category A - Multi operator/Single Transmitter (MOST) Maximum licensed power.
Category B - Multi operator/Single Transmitter (MOST) Maximum 25 watts input power.
Category C - Multi operator/Multi Transmitter (MOMT) Maximum licensed power.
Antennas: No restrictions.
b. Restricted Section:
Categories A, B and C as Open Section.
Antennas: Categories A and B: Only one antenna may be used.
Category C: Only one antenna per transmitter may be used.
All Categories: All antennas must be a single element such as a dipole, a long wire or a
trapped vertical, having not more that two elevated support points. No part of the antenna
may be higher than 15 meters above ground level.
Notes (Applies to both sections):
(A) Categories A and B: One transmitter and one receiver (or one transceiver) plus an
additional receiver may be used. The station must remain on the band for at least ten
minutes after initial operation on that band.
Category C: Number of transmitter and receivers unlimited, but ONLY ONE signal may be
radiated on each band at any time. All transmitters and receivers must be located within a
diameter of 500 meters.
(B) Stand-by equipment is allowed, but it may not be connected to the power line at the
same time as the main equipment.
(C) The use of support points for antennas from permanent buildings or structures is not
(D) Each portable station must operate from the same site for the duration of the contest
and may not be located in permanent buildings or use public mains supply.
(E) Power for all equipment may be derived only from a portable generator (driven by
fuel-motor, wind or manpower on the site, or from solar cells, accumulators or batteries.
(F) No equipment or antennas may be installed or erected on the site prior to 24 hours
before the start of the contest. This does not apply to storage of equipment.
4. Frequencies
Contacts on 1.8, 3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28 MHz bands are valid.
OBSERVE: Only the contest preferred segments where existing may be used. Each station
may be worked once on each band. Cross-band operations are not allowed.
5. Contest Call and Exchanges
Call "CQ Field Day".
Exchange report (RS) plus serial number starting with 001. Multi transmitter stations
(Category C) use separate series of serial numbers on each band.
6. Points
QSO with fixed station in same continent ...........2 points
QSO with fixed station in another continent ...3 points
QSO with portable/mobile stn in same continent ..... 4 points
QSO with portable/mobile stn in another continent ..5 points
7. Multipliers
Each DXCC-country and WAE - country worked on each band gives one multiplier.
8. Final Score
The total sum of points scored on all bands is to be multiplied by the number of multipliers
worked on all bands to give the final score.
9. Special Conditions (National Rules)
10. Log Instructions
Separate logs are required for each band together with a checklist showing the countries
worked on each band. Log sheet to be headed; Date/time UTC, Stn worked, Band, RS and
serial number sent, RS and serial number rcvd, New multiplier, Points. Enclose also a
Summary Sheet showing claimed score.
IARU Region 1 associations exchange the electronic log data. Field Day participants agree
automatically to the log exchange upon log submission.
11. Declaration
Each log must be accompanied by the following signed declaration:
"I declare that this station was operated in accordance with the Amateur Radio
Regulations and the rules of the contest. I accept the decisions of the Contest
The declaration must be signed by the person responsible for the operation.
12. Sponsor
Bloemfontein Radio Amateur Club, PO Box 12104, Brandhof, 9324
13) Closing Date: 30 September
14) Awards (As appropriate)
15) Dispute
Normal disqualification rules apply. In all cases of dispute, the decision of the Contest
Committee shall be final and indisputable.

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